Camping Foldable Wood Stove
Camping Foldable Wood Stove
Camping Foldable Wood Stove
Camping Foldable Wood Stove
Camping Foldable Wood Stove
Camping Foldable Wood Stove

Camping Foldable Wood Stove


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“This stove is perfect. It burns just about anything once you get it going. I cooked burgers on a small caste iron skillet with a light drizzle coming down and it performed almost to perfection. The convenient pack down size and the quality of the material makes this a no-brainer purchase for your survival pack. No more worrying about whether or not you brought enough fuel for your gas stove or adding extra pack weight.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - David J.
✅ Verified Buyer


Having a steamy cup of coffee on a crisp, quiet morning is just the perfect start to any day in the wilderness. Cooking in the great outdoors is an amazing experience, but it comes with some challenges. Making campfires is difficult and not allowed in every place, and having to carry heavy and bulky fuel canisters is a pain and potentially unsafe. Not having the right cooking gear can be a hassle and ruin the overall outdoor adventure.

The Steel Dragon Wood Stove is the perfect cooking solution for serious outdoor enthusiasts who want to get the most out of hiking or camping trips. Made of high-grade, lightweight stainless steel, the Steel Dragon has an innovative design that folds down into 5 separate panels so small that can easily fit in a backpack. Furthermore, it is sturdy and stable enough to hold heavy pans and pots, allowing to enjoy nature while tasting delicious meals.


 COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Steel Dragon Wood Stove is extremely compact and light and designed for portability. Weighing just over a pound, it comes with a storage bag that allows The Steel Dragon to be easily stored in a backpack allowing to enjoy a hot meal anywhere.

 STURDY AND STABLE: The Steel Dragon Wood Stove has a reinforced body made of high-grade materials and comes with a strong cross-stand trivet. This ingenious design creates a stable cooking platform for all types of terrains, able to hold a pot or pan of any weight and size allowing to cook a meal with security and comfort.

 VERSATILE AND HEAT EFFICIENT: The Steel Dragon Wood Stove was created to use various biomass fuel sources. With a wide fuel door and strategically placed air holes on the bottom, The Steel Dragon has improved airflow and higher burning efficiency allowing to cook meals fast, evenly, and eco-friendly.

 FAST ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY: The Steel Dragon Wood Stove comes with 5 separate steel panels that fold down to 6 by 6 inches. This original construction makes The Steel Dragon very easy and quick to assemble and disassemble allowing to save time and enjoy the outdoor experience.

 EXTREMELY DURABLE: The Steel Dragon Wood Stove is made of high-strength anti-corrosive stainless steel. This innovative design allows high-temperature resistance as well to stand up to the worst weather conditions, making the Steel Dragon perfect for years of camping, hiking, and backpacking.



We understand how difficult and exhausting it can be to go on a remote camping or hiking adventure and have to carry tons of bulky gas canisters or heavy liquid fuel to be able to have decent meals. It can be very frustrating being halfway through cooking up some delicious campfire cuisine only to have the fuel of the stove cut out halfway through. A recent survey from the Michelin Guide showed that cooking with wood has a tasteful impact on the flavor of the food.

With the Steel Dragon Wood Stove, we can now enjoy nature and have that delicioussmoky taste of dinner cooked over an open flame. The Steel Dragon with its wide opening design makes it convenient and easy to add wood, having improved airflow and higher burning efficiency. Furthermore, it only uses dried leaves, sticks, and twigs as fuel, keeping environmental pollution to a minimum. Never was so practical to cook a warm and delicious meal under the starry sky.



Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 13 cm x 13 cm x 16 cm
Weight: 410 g



(1) X Stove Door
(1) X Bottom Panel
(3) X Side Panels
(1) X Carrying Bag